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About Me

I am Deedee, Certified Life, Health Coach and grief coach (BSN, PHN ,RN). My mission is to help grieving widows, widowers, and grieving parents navigate life after loss.

After the loss of My husband, Dr. Clifford Obi, in 2018 and My Son O’Brian, in 2020, I was stuck in my grief, not knowing how to navigate life, when I asked myself what I could do to help myself. This is how I became a Life and Grief coach.

As a life coach and grief coach, I will help you in creating healthy boundaries and build the skills to achieve the outcomes in life you so desire.

As your coach, I will help you excel in all aspects of your life, including finding meaning after loss, and guide you toward healing.


I was struggling to cope with the loss of my father when I met with DeeDee. She created a safe and supportive space for me to explore my grief and provided practical advice for moving forward. Thanks to her coaching, I feel more hopeful and resilient than ever before.
Lisa, 45
I cannot recommend DeeDee highly enough. Her compassionate and insightful approach to grief coaching helped me process my feelings and find a way forward after losing my husband. she is an exceptional coach and an even better person
Beatrice, 66
Working with DeeDee was a game-changer for me. She helped me navigate some of the most difficult emotions I've ever experienced and gave me the tools to move forward in a healthy way. I am forever grateful for her kindness and guidance.
James, 48
Working with Dee was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her expertise and guidance helped me find a way forward after the loss of my mother, and I am now in a much better place emotionally and mentally. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling with grief or loss
Amy, 33

Who is a Grief Coach?

A grief educator/coach helps people navigate their grief process. Grief coaches focus on emotional support that helps individuals and families during difficult times of loss and grief.

Grief coaches provide grieving people with personalized guidance, resources, and advice.Grief educators /coaches provide education and resources to help people to understand and cope with the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors related to grief.


Grief educators offer resources and advice on managing grief and finding healing. Ultimately, the goal of a grief educator is to help the individual or family move from a place of pain to a place of hope and healing. Including but not limited to:

  •  Having your pain witnessed,
  • Expressing your feelings and releasing the burden of guilt.
  • Finding meaning in life after loss/death.

What kinds of issues can a Grief coach help with?

A Grief coach can help with a variety of issues related to grief, such as coping with loss, managing feelings of sadness and anxiety, finding meaning and purpose after a loss, and rebuilding a sense of identity while helping you find meaning after death or a tragedy. Grief can be traumatic and transformative. We offer an individualized approach to grief.

The foundation of serving comes from connection, empathy, genuineness, and honesty.

True expertise in grief lies with the griever. Connection is very essential to our well-being.

Who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps clients achieve their personal and professional goals, improve their relationships, and enhance their overall well-being. Unlike therapy, which typically focuses on resolving past traumas or mental health issues, life coaching is geared towards helping individuals create actionable plans for achieving their desired future outcomes

Life coaches use various techniques such as active listening, goal-setting, and accountability to support clients in making positive changes in their lives. Life coaching can cover a wide range of areas, including career development, personal growth, health and wellness, and relationships.

How can a Life Coach Help?

An excellent Coach will support you as you prioritize creating a quality support system. A life coach will focus on your strengths and achievements to empower and train you to be “your own best ” moving forward throughout your life. People usually seek out a Life Coach when they feel it’s time for a change in their lives or find themselves in a period of transition, or just feel stuck and unfulfilled.

Some people may seek a Life Coach for help with confidence, personal development, or social skills. When choosing a Life Coach, it is essential to feel comfortable yet motivated and excited about the work you will be doing together. A Coach should inspire and motivate you. You should leave each session feeling more confident and clear about your goals and the strategies you have created. A good Coach will also push you and help you identify self-defeating habits. A good Coach will ask you to “commit to change.”

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